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Unofficial sisterhood leader Rowena works hard to give her family a better life, often sacrificing her own needs. Rowena finally feels she has accomplished a significant feat at the old age of thirty-two, planning for retirement. Her company, Goddess Package and Delivery Service, is a success and has provided her the opportunity to retire on the sandy shores of Maui.

As Rowena prepares to step back from her many responsibilities, and entertains a new love interest. Never before seen forces rear their ugly head and drag Rowena into a war, not of her choosing. Fighting to stay alive ahead of an old client bent on the ultimate revenge; Rowena’s life.

Digging deep within herself; Rowena must find the strength and courage to ride out the storms overshadowing her life. From New York to Washington D.C. to Virginia to Hawaii, Rowena will experience unimaginable horrors. As the storm clouds thicken and threaten to suffocate Rowena. Can she find the strength to keep going?  Live out her dream on the sandy beaches of Maui, and hold on to the love she thinks she’s’ found?

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Rowena Hunting ~ Book Two The Sisterhood

They started this war, now she id determined to finish it. Strong, bad-ass, vulnerable Rowena has had to face murders, killers, and thieves.

It's time to place offence. Tristian has removed is signature suit and tie. When they came for Rowena, they came after him.

Side by side, this power couple. Will hunt down their enemies. Along the way they will find something strong than love.

"The Sisterhood is tested, challenged to their breaking point. Will they be forever divided? Can Rowena hold them together, as an unit they are unstoppable. Find out in this action packed sequel to Rowena"


New events coming soon

Aurora ~ Book Three The Sisterhood

Revenge kept her alive. The love of her murdered children gave her strength to rise. 

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