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*Ebooks and Print Books; Why I Believe You Should Have Both!*

*EBooks and Print Books; Why I Believe You Should Have Both!*

If you are an author and want your books in print only, look around your city for printing presses. Where I live in Richmond, Virginia, there are several printing presses, and yes they print and bound books for people, not just companies or businesses. I currently use Createspace for my print books! However, I am searching around for a printing press; convenient to my location, and one that would benefit the book club and me. Will I continue to use or place my books out as Ebooks?

Of course, I love the fact that Amazon gave me the chance to do an eBook, not only on my own website but also on their site as well. See that eBook is something special in itself. That eBook can reach countries I never dreamed of reaching; whereas my print books can only travel so far for now! I love the fact that with a tablet or app, readers can read my book anywhere, and it looks good on those devices.

I remember going to websites in the early 90’s, and someone would have a PDF or Mobi file for you to download and read.

In the 2000’s Mobi got better and better, I was constantly downloading books or whatever to my computer, and sitting for hours just reading that screen. Fascinated, by what I saw and what I could now get sitting in my home.

The first time I purchased a book from Amazon, it was in print of course. But there was the option of purchasing and reading on a reader. When I got my first reader, I was fascinated that the pages were so put together, they were not perfect! Nevertheless, Amazon had minimized the space, and characters that looked like the reader was reading DOS or (code). I was also happy that I could unload my tote with books!

I am one of those people who are not mad with Amazon or feel that they are hugging the market. I found and still find it smart that they saw a need, went after it, and opened up a new way for writers, authors, and publishers to grab an audience.

Should your eBooks only be on Amazon? That is your choice; however, you have so many resources available to you now. Why settle for using just one? Why not capitalize on those opportunities and resources, and use more than one! I am learning this after a lot of research, marketing bust, and discovering what works for me.

I am currently researching other sites to post and sell my eBooks on. Maybe Smashwords or Pronoun, I have not yet decided. But my plan has been; since I started my self-publishing journey, to place my eBooks everywhere that I could! With the opportunities out there, I have the chance and choice of having my books read worldwide.

Well, do I think you should have both eBooks and Print? Hell yeah, why not? Be smart about your business, grow, and evolve with the times.

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