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Marketing is fundamental to the success of any entrepreneur, business, or company’s growth. My methods to marketing can work for those who have a stash of start-up money, those who have to plan and pinch that penny, and of course those in between. I plan and pinch that penny and do not feel bad about it either!


I have found for me that planning for events (budgeting) works. I first begin my search for an expo, festival, whatever:

  • Search for events in my area

  • Local surrounding areas

  • In-State

  • States no more than an hour or two drive from my home

My Budget includes:

  • Cost of vendor table

  • Cost of materials (books, posters, decorations for a table, business cards, paper, pencils, etc...)

  • Cost of hotel (not always needed- optional)

  • Eating

  • Gas

  • Marketing cost

Above is everything I plan for, I may have left some items out. However, place a little extra in the budget for emergencies; you never know what may come up. When I first wrote my DIY Guide, I discussed my methods and practices used for marketing my product and myself. During the last five or six months that information has grown and of course evolved. I found that the more events you do, the more you learn what works for you, and how to better budget your income to fit your needs.

Once you have established your cost for the event and the other materials. Take a look at how and what you also need to market yourself for that event. Note: Do not leave marketing for an event only to the event host; you should market it and yourself as well. This generates more leads, and recognition in my opinion.

On page 43 of Kim’s Do It Yourself Guide, I talked about using social media.

I still find that social media is one of the best ways to market your product and yourself. Take Facebook, if you can get 10 people to share that you will be at an event, and then another 10 share. This is cross marketing to a mass amount of people. I know there are those who will say that 10 people are sharing, is nothing! However, I feel that they are wrong, you gain free advertising with each share, and you also have the potential to cross over in terms of demographics (who you are marketing too).

Add new marketing approaches to your old ones. This is something that I am doing! As I always say, I am always willing to learn new ways to improve myself.

I am going to cut this off now. I still want to discuss how your marketing can boost not only your sales but also your confidence.

As always if you found this information helpful, please share


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