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author interview~ kim l. walton


*My Motivation*

Someone asked me why My Motivation, or why I wrote the book in the first place. Almost seven years ago now…I got sick. Two and a half years ago, my sickness got so bad I could not work. I was physically sick, which led to me becoming mentally sick! You know, what I mean by mentally sick?

(Ramble) I got depressed; others would try to tell me that “you just anxious Kim,” the hell I was! I realized I was depressed and that my mind, body, and spirit were off. Heck, I could not get out of bed at times, or I may have just been telling myself that I hurt too much to get up? Well, one day I started reading old composition books that I had written in. I would lay in bed or on the couch and reread old poems, short stories, whatever was in those books.

Those words in the composition books took my mind off of my body’s changes, and they calmed my mind. (My old writings gave me something else to focus on) Have you ever went back and read the stuff you wrote years ago? Well; when I did, I started cracking the hell up, and I started to loosen up and feel Kimber come on back around. I did not realize how tight I was wound up inside until I went through all of this.

I read old sex scenes that I had written that made me blush. In those composition books, I wrote about my first heartbreak, my first crush (now that was old), and even my first attraction. I read about the dreams I had for myself, and the ages that I would have conquered those dreams. I found notes, and letters from the ages of fourteen to twenty-four!

You know what I did next, I started writing again. At first, it was doodles, dreams, fears, fantasies, mistakes, regrets, and what if’s based on old writings. It felt good; my mind started to focus on the next paragraph, the next page. Writing scared the shit out of me; I no longer felt that I was adding to old writings. Instead, I was developing stories that started to have a life of their own.


Writing scared me for another reason; after forty plus years, I did not get up and go to work somewhere. Instead, I got up and went into my office and faced my computer. Writing *My Motivation* helped me handle that and more. I started really looking at my health, life, and surroundings. I wrote about everything I was feeling; things I regretted not saying or doing.


I remember telling someone that*My Motivation* is my labor of love, confidant, friend, even my lover. She sat with me on the nights I just couldn’t sleep no matter how weary my body was. She was the one that understood when I needed to close the bathroom door and break in private. She was the first one to tell me, you can do this. Yeah, that was in my head lol.

You get it right, I love My Motivation period. I love, and I am thankful; she reminded me of Kim. Mo told me what I had been through, what I had accomplished, and most importantly, what I had yet to accomplish.

Writing Mo gave me my mojo back and my motivation to keep going. I have always wanted to write in one form or another. Going through what I went through shed light on the fact that I settled, maybe out of fear of failure, or the fact that I became a mom, wife, and career woman? Now; I write for me because I have a story to tell and want to tell it.

2. What gives you inspiration?

What gives me the inspiration to write? Knowing that my writing, my stories may help someone, anyone one day. Also as an indie author; when someone comes up to me and says, “I love My Motivation she is me, and you are telling my story or my friend's story, my family, or I know someone who has been through this.” There are no words to express how those comments touch me or make me feel. I’m humbled and proud that my story made them feel a type of way.

I am also appreciative that they purchased a book from a Self-Published Author. Since I have entered into the world of writing, I have noticed that there is a certain amount of snobbery directed towards indie authors! So when my book is purchased, or I get an email that says keep going, we see you. That inspires me to kick the crap out of the snobs by learning all I can and getting better and better at my craft.

My inspiration comes from popping that bubble.


3. What’s your favorite genre or do you have one?

My favorite genre; I do not have one. I read any and everything; I think that gift was given to me by my mother and grandmother. Both of their bookshelves housed a diverse assortment of books. From early on; you could say I was taught to look, see, feel, and read everything and keep an open mind. I can read W.E.B. Du Bois for inspiration, education, and knowledge “My autobiography is a digressive illustration and exemplification of what race has meant in the world in the 19th and 20th centuries. I was born free.” then turn around and read a Harold Robbins book for a different type of experience.

On my bookshelf; you will find romance, cook books, horror, fantasy, drama, self-help, and erotica books. I take and embrace different things from different authors, as well as different cultures.

I do think that in order to write and write well, one should be a diverse reader. I don’t think that you can grow as a writer without reading another’s work and learn something from it. Correct me if I am wrong?

4. What advice would you give an up and coming writer who wants to one day be a published author?

My advice would be, just to do it as they say! If you want to work with a publishing house, then do your research, and submit your manuscript to everybody until you get what you want. If you want to self-publish; again do your research, and then go for it. I always say that there is a book for everyone and there is. Let your writing be your voice, speak to people with your imagination!

Give readers hope, dreams, nightmares, and fantasies with your writing. Another piece of advice I would give along with just write. Do your research, do not depend on others to do it for you, and remember that what someone says (advice) is not the only way to go. If writing is your dream then go for it, do not expect others to do it for you. ‘YOU HAVE TO PUT IN THE WORK.’ Also do not be afraid of failure, failure is what helps us mature as individuals. It makes us stronger and wiser.

There is a lot of FAILURE in “My Motivation” I own it, and I learned from it. That is why “Dedication” and “Kim’s DIY” are so much better!

Your dream of writing is attainable…


Kim L. Walton                                                                          August 1, 2017

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